Salt Soak

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Salt Soak 

Alkalizing Ancient Sea Salt Bath Soaks help you destress, balance your bodies ph and soften your skin. Theis Raiford has worked up the perfect blend just for you--Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ancient Salt from Utah, and Mediterranean Sea Salt. Mix about 1 cup into a nice hot bath. For an added alkalizing bump, throw in a cup of pure baking soda. 


Lavender: essential lavender oil, lavender buds, and blue corn flowers

Musc et de Fleurs: white musk, ylang ylang, Vanilla, lavender, amber

Icelandic Kelp: orange and lemon essential oil, green tea, Icelandic kelp powder and French green clay

Dimensions: 3.75" dia x 7"H; 32oz

Made in Austin, TX by Theis Raiford 


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